2-Step Folding Stool (White)


Buy 2-Step Folding Stool (White) in Dubai

This foldable 2-Step stool in white is a useful and practical addition to your home. It is perfect for reaching out to things kept at a height, making it ideal for households with kids. It is suitable for different applications. It can be unfolded with ease when not in use.

Fold and Unfolds Quickly

This multi-utility stool allows you to step up and down in a jiffy. Just unfold it to grab that box on a shelf and fold it back; that’s it. The stool has wide, stable legs for support.

Easy Storage

Its foldable feature ensures it occupies the least of your storage space, maintaining the aesthetics of your home. You can store it under a bed or on top of a wardrobe, as per the convenience of your personal space.

Durable Material

Rest assured and allow your kids to use this step stool, which is made from a sturdy and robust materials, ensuring durability.


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